Talking Yoga and Style with Torri Winstead Part I

IMG_72702015-05-06 14.21.43What is it like to have a gorgeous home overlooking the ocean, two of the cutest dogs, a career in Yoga, and a closet every girl dreams about? Look no further than the fashionista/ yoga goddess, Torri Winstead. I recently interviewed her to get a glimpse into her lifestyle and I can tell you it really is as good as it sounds! Wondering why you might recognize that pretty face? Torri owned a luxury clothing boutique Torri/Bell for many years before starting her newest business venture, Wilmington Yoga. (more…)

Living Fashionably


Every girl dreams of living in a stylish apartment like Carrie Bradshaw. Though for many this remains a dream, for Nancy it is a reality. I had the opportunity to sit down with Nancy and find out her inspiration behind her decor and fashion and also add a few new places to shop to my list! Between the Hermes pillow, beautiful original art work, piles of fashion photography books, and the countless pairs of shoes, this home is one out of every girls dreams. I truly love this home and am already taking it as inspiration for my ┬áNYC apartment I will be renting in the fall! Surrounding yourself with what you love is so important when trying to get motivated and inspired. Fashion doesn’t have to be restricted to what you wear, it can be a lifestyle.