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Every girl dreams of living in a stylish apartment like Carrie Bradshaw. Though for many this remains a dream, for Nancy it is a reality. I had the opportunity to sit down with Nancy and find out her inspiration behind her decor and fashion and also add a few new places to shop to my list! Between the Hermes pillow, beautiful original art work, piles of fashion photography books, and the countless pairs of shoes, this home is one out of every girls dreams. I truly love this home and am already taking it as inspiration for my  NYC apartment I will be renting in the fall! Surrounding yourself with what you love is so important when trying to get motivated and inspired. Fashion doesn’t have to be restricted to what you wear, it can be a lifestyle.


Q&A with Nancy

Q:Who would you say is your fashion muse?

A:Theres so many; Kate Moss comes to mind, Alexa Chung I love her! Marilyn is my original love and muse. I was also very influenced when the supermodels first started, they made me first want to go into fashion.

Q:I know you collect original art work, what do you look for when buying art?

A: Either something that is fashion related or it has to speak to me. I really love animals so that’s why I have art like my deer print. I love pinks and purples and aquas; I love vibrant colors so I tend to decorate with those colors as well. So I lean towards that in art work too.

Q:What are your favorite places to buy pieces for your home?

A: I work for Pottery Barn so there of course! I also do a lot of online shopping. Furbish in Raleigh who are also online and One Kings Lane is another website that I love and is continually changing. I’ll find something in a magazine and Ill just source it. I also love vintage pieces, Uptown Market is a local place I scout out unique pieces. I make certain pieces my own by painting it and redoing vintage pieces. My art I get from Big South Auction mostly. When they get art is the best time to go, some of the art will still have the original prices.

Q:What are your most coveted pieces in your wardrobe?

A:Probably my first Stella McCartney dress, my first Louis Vuitton bag. Now I try and get one Stella dress a year. My pieces from Prada, and Isabel Marant I love. I love mixing High Low prices, my outfits are always a range. My Hermes cuff is another favorite! And I love Chanel. I also love Rag and Bone and ALC.

Q:What do you think should be key elements when someone is decorating their home?

A:You really have to love it. I don’t make quick decisions when it comes to buying new peices. Spend your money on your main pieces and add details to make it pop. You really just have to follow your heart and your esthetic. Don’t be locked into one store, there are so many fabulous things you can get your hands on through Etsy and other cool unique websites.

Q:Do you have favorite magazines or websites that you look at for fashion or décor ideas?

A:Oh yes many. For home Decor house beautiful, Elle Decor, Domino, Coastal Living, and for fashion my bible is Vogue. I’ve had a subscription since I was 16. I do follow a lot of blogs as well online like Glitter Guide, Blonde Salad, etc. Also Pinterest is so inspirational. I pull inspiration from all sorts of things really.

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