Talking Yoga and Style with Torri Winstead Part I

IMG_72702015-05-06 14.21.43What is it like to have a gorgeous home overlooking the ocean, two of the cutest dogs, a career in Yoga, and a closet every girl dreams about? Look no further than the fashionista/ yoga goddess, Torri Winstead. I recently interviewed her to get a glimpse into her lifestyle and I can tell you it really is as good as it sounds! Wondering why you might recognize that pretty face? Torri owned a luxury clothing boutique Torri/Bell for many years before starting her newest business venture, Wilmington Yoga.

2015-05-06 14.06.10 IMG_7232After arriving for our interview, I entered Torri’s beautiful beach home with floor to ceiling windows overlooking her private walkway onto Wrightsville beach. Her home is decorated with shades of blues and greens and a crisp white with metallic details. A home magazine couldn’t have lived up to the serene picture perfect rooms she had decorated. I was greeted by three smiling faces, two of them being her french bulldogs Fred and Nugget. We walked from room to room as Torri showed me around and the dogs fought to be the center of each picture. We then made it to her closet (my favorite part of her home) where shelves of Pradas, Louboutins, Valantinos, Chanels, and Louis Vuittons lined the walls. Every shoe, bag, and piece of clothing you could dream up. Good news, I happen to share the same size shoes and clothes as her!2015-05-06 14.01.48image5We decided to do the second half of pictures on the beach after the tropical storm passed and at sun rise. I have never actually woken up early enough to see the sun rise but now I can say I have and it was absolutely worth it. Since yoga is not just a job for Torri but a lifestyle, we knew a serene setting to show off her talent would be the only suitable option. I have no idea how to even attempt yoga but seeing how dedicated she is to the practice and how amazing she is at is was definitely inspiring! Maybe I will attempt it eventually.IMG_7314 IMG_6709Make sure to check out the second part of my interview with Torri Winstead for my Q and A and more pictures! If you want to try Yoga for yourself, you can get 30 days for $30 at her studio Wilmington Yoga!

Some photos contributed by Greyson Leyrer