The Perfect Prom Dress

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Spring is finally here! And with spring comes prom season. No one likes to look back at old pictures and wonder what the **** they were thinking for wearing that ugly dress. It’s hard picking the perfect dress, when I was in high school it took me months to decide on a prom dress (I don’t want to know how long choosing a wedding dress will take me.) I always hated the idea of prom, it sounded corny to me so instead I would pretend I was going to a red carpet event and pick out what I would wear to that!I was never one for the classic prom dresses so I always looked else where for inspiration and places to get my dress. I love looking at events like the Oscars and Grammys because they are being dressed in this seasons trends from the runway and after designers start making similar dresses at more affordable prices. You have to have some sort of idea of what you like in your head before shopping, otherwise you will get overwhelmed with choices and ideas.

After you find the perfect dress, you will want to pick shoes and jewelry that compliment it without over doing it. If you have a neutral color dress (white, beige, black, navy) then go for a bright jewelry color or shoe.

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To complete your look hair and makeup plays a huge role. You have to know what works with your look and what doesn’t. If your dress is backless you may want to do an undo, strapless maybe down with curls. Your hair and makeup should be the finishing touch. I never liked my hair up so I always did a variation of curls. Finding pictures online or in a magazine of hair and makeup you like can always help. Bring it to your hair dresser or makeup artist and you will most likely get more of the look you want.

Though I’m no longer in high school and will not be attending prom I do still look at dresses and think which would make amazing prom dresses so I’ve put some dresses, shoes, and accessories together for anyone still looking for their prom attire!

XO, Lish