The Bralette

IMG_8419 IMG_8417It’s finally beach weather and I couldn’t be happier. To start the season off I spent the morning walking on the beach with my best friend. Since it was right after the tropical storm there were tons of amazing shells and starfish! I have always wanted to find a starfish and I found two yesterday. The water was so calm and blue it was seriously like something out of a picture. I’ve always lived by the beach and taken it for granted but yesterday really made me realize how beautiful it is here.

IMG_4872 IMG_8349 IMG_0217 IMG_0207 IMG_8414 IMG_9449

I have been wearing the bralette look a lot lately. It’s the perfect casual look that is so comfortable and still stylish. The bra and shirt I got for under $100 and I literally wear them constantly. I’ve also worn the shirt to the gym which looks good with a cute sports bra but still covers what needs to be hidden at the gym! The shorts are also one of my best investments. I seriously wear them all the time I am thinking about getting them in other colors. Finding a cute bralette is the first step in creating the perfect bralette look, then finding a basic top with either the back lower or the sides dramatically lowered so you can show it off. Buying it oversized makes it easier to work with. The one I am wearing is a medium when I would usually wear an extra small. You can tuck it or tie it. My favorite blogger to get inspiration for this look from is The Native Fox. She always pulls it off perfectly. I plan on doing variations on this outfit for many more beach exploration days (:

Xo, Lish

Shirt: Chaser // Shorts: One Teaspoon // Bralette: Obey

Photos by: Greyson Leyrer