Palm Tree Prints

IMG_0002 IMG_0046I recently got a skirt by L’Agence from a local store Beanie&Cecil, that on the hanger I never thought I’d like. It was high waisted with a slit in the front and pockets you would think would be on the back were on the front. Completely weirded me out. I ended up trying it on and I am so glad I did. Seriously. It’s probably my new favorite skirt. I’ve been in this long pencil skirt phase lately, I’ve purchased three in the last two weeks. I am totally obsessed. I feel like they look so work appropriate but with the fun patterns and fabrics they are definitely a wild card piece which I love.

tori-carIMG_0052 IMG_9979 IMG_9944 IMG_0091I wore this one with my leopard print Valentino’s and a navy tee by Rag&Bone. The shirt does have a matching top but they were sold out of my size): I am all about mixing patterns so the palm print with the leopard is my newest love. When mixing patterns I always follow these guidelines: mix a small print with a large print, or mix prints with the same color scheme, or pick two basic patterns, and if mixing the same type pattern like stripes just invert the colors. But honestly just have fun with it, you’ll be able to tell if it looks like too much pattern or if it works! I hope everyone has a great weekend, thanks for stopping by make sure to shop my look below!

Xo, Lish

Photos by: Greyson Leyrer