4th Favorites

IMG_0980 IMG_0978-2Happy 4th of July! I am seriously so excited to celebrate this year. I usually don’t ever have big plans for the day but this year I was invited to go yachting and then watch the fireworks from there. I literally plan outfits for any event in my life (currently planning my moving outfit) so of course this will be no exception. I will definitely be in some variation of red, white, and blue. Doing this color combo can be tricky because you don’t want to look over done and tacky, you want it to be subtle and cute. A good way to do this is by choosing two of the colors for your outfit and then using the other to accessorize with. I have picked out a few of my favorite items for the 4th that will be below. Also make sure to check out my new Ash sandals I just got. I’ve been wanting the Valentino ones and then found these. They are a fraction of the price of the Valentino’s and look so similar. Have a fun 4th!IMG_1005 IMG_0981IMG_1007 IMG_0979IMG_1006IMG_3759