The Stylish Sweatshirt


The first half of the week (basically every day before friday) is always such a struggle to get through with so much going on it’s hard to even think about having the time to look your best. I know I’ve been there when the only outfit I want to wear is my pajamas, but the fashionista in me won’t allow it. So you can guess how excited I was when I found this pullover sweatshirt that was comfortable AND chic.


Subtle Details


Fashion winter layers - subtle changes

I am back in Savannah and the weather has been so cold! Guess it’s getting me prepared for New York winters. I recently got this basic equipment top which I absolutely love. It has this really pretty flower appliqué down the arms so it will carry over into Spring. I’ve been wearing it under sweaters with the collar and cuffs out and I’ve also been wearing it under my fur vests.