Makeup Tips for 2015 and My New Years Look


My make-up artist Amy Kennison does my makeup for any big events I have including holidays so I thought why not show my before and afters and get some make-up tips from the woman behind the magic?? She is so talented and has done make-up for countless weddings (Including the Laura and Eric Trumps!), was a manager for M.A.C cosmetics, and also does private lessons if you want some one on one practice! She was the first person to show me how to do my make-up when I was 15. Here is my Q&A with her followed with my New Years look so keep scrolling!

Q: What Color Palettes are going to be trending for 2015? 

A: Bold lips in cherry and reds are going to be a spring trend. Lavender eyes with pink or pastel lips are also big. Bronze brown and taupe eye shadows with nude lips. Pop art shadows are also coming in style like orange and blue (Usually liner). Also no makeup look which is basically no mascara, lipstick or foundation just a winged eyeliner. 

Q: Do you have any tips for making your eyes appear larger? 

A: Using an off white liner on the lower waterline can make your eyes look much wider. I like to also apply a champagne shimmer shadow (Giella loose in b dazzle or mac silver dusk) on the inner corner of the eye. 

Q: What are some make-up essentials every girl should have?

A: The essentials in my kit are: lash curler (I like elf curlers), Tom Ford shadow pallet Cocoa Mirage, Extended play mascara by MAC, MAC brow gel, Bobbi Brown extra eye cream, MAC prolong wear concealer, MAC mineralize shank finish natural

Q: What celebrity Makeup artists are ones you follow for inspiration?

A: Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury, Mario Dedevanovik, Hung Vanngo, and Pat McGrarth. 

Q: What trends need to go?

A: A trend that needs to go is pop art shadow NEVER use red or orange lipstick as an eyeliner, it makes your eyes look bloodshot. 

IMG_7802IMG_7850IMG_7746 IMG_7910 IMG_7891 IMG_7890 IMG_7876 IMG_7867 IMG_7929 IMG_7926 IMG_7916

After taking these makeup pictures my camera died before I could take good pictures of my outfit! I was so upset but didn’t have time to charge it before starting my night so I had to go to the second best, my phone. I guess it was my first 2015 selfie lol. I know these aren’t the best quality but I really wanted to show you guys my outfit! I got it when I was in New York a few weeks ago at Intermix. I never wear crop tops so this was a little change for me. I love Joggers so these pants were a no brainer for me. I didn’t know what to do with my short hair (I usually have extensions in) so I curled it with my wand and it turned out okay. In advance sorry for the lame pictures next to a christmas tree and in a bathroom but I hope you like my outfit!


FullSizeRender-5I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and drank too much and kissed someone special! These were mini Champagnes at a party I went to that I LOVED, how cute?? Can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for me, I hope you all have a happy and successful year. XO, Lish FullSizeRender-2